Before we ask our children to protect the Earth we must first connect them to mother nature!

We believe in educating ourselves and future generations through connecting to mother nature and practising sustainability in small actions on a personal level. We also believe that if each of us makes an effort, collectively we can contribute to huge positive change.

Here is what we do at Green Camp to reduce our carbon footprint:

We provide education for Sustainability

Our programs are all nature-based experiential learning.

Our diet is predominantly plant-based with the intention to reduce our consumption of meat

We grow some of our food

Our camp facility is built mostly from bamboo and other natural materials

We use compost toilets in order to reduce the amount of water that we use and also provide a source of fertiliser for our big trees

We turn our food waste into organic compost for our gardens

Our learning environment is wall-less and green

We surround our site with Bamboo plants to provide us with more oxygen and shade.

We Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Refuse and Rethink

Products that we use are locally sourced

We use less energy by allowing a fresh breeze to flow in our structures, using only fans and natural sunlight.

We plant seeds of kindness and compassion to not only humans but all living things on earth.

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