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About this Partnership

AYANA is proud to be one of Bali’s leaders in sustainable hospitality. Inspired by the Balinese Hindu principles of Tri Hita Karana – or the healing philosophy that creates harmony between humans, nature, and gods – we seek to give back to Earth from which we draw our strength.

We have consistently ranked as the regional leader in the lowest CO2 emissions per guest and continue to invest in ESG initiatives including the formation of a permaculture farm and various infrastructure projects to allow us to recycle 80% of our sewage water for use in our irrigation and public water features, and upcycle 90% of our organic waste to create 100 tonnes of compost which we use to fertilize our many plants.

In seeking for new ways to nurture love and care for nature in our guests, and realizing that the best way would be through education of little ones, we formed a partnership with Green Camp Bali – world pioneers in purpose-driven camp experiences.


AYANA presents Green Camp AYANA, a collaboration with Green Camp Bali, one of the greenest and most purpose-driven camp experiences in the world. 

Green Discovery Camp : ‘Exploring Survival Skills & Nature Based Learning’  Suitable for children ages 7-12.

Green Camp AYANA offers holistic, nature-immersed programs for children staying within the AYANA Estate and the surrounding areas. 

The “Green Discovery Camp” Five days program is an immersive experience that combines outdoor adventures, nature-based learning, team-building programs, and personal and social growth to inspire children and family to live more sustainably. 



  Available Dates Morning Activities Afternoon Activities
Farm Discovery June – August
  • Flora and Fauna Scavenger Hunt
  • Nature Guidebook
  • Natural Eco Printing
Bamboo Designer and Builder

June – August

  • Bamboo Games
  • Bamboo Egg Slide 
  • Bamboo Paper Making
Nature Explorer June – August
  • Coconut Climbing and Creation

  • Chocolate Making

Seed to Table

June – August
  • Leaf Hunt
  • Food Foraging
  • Green Master Chefs

Outdoor Adventure Day

June – August
  • Mangrove Kayaking
  • Planting

Green Discovery Camp

Ages: 7-12 y.o
Dates: Every Tuesday to Sarurday, 4 June 2024 – 31 August 2024
No. of Days: 1 – 5 Days
Duration: 09.30 – 14:30 (Drop off at 9:00)

Location: Ayana Farm
Max Capacity: 25 Explorers
Price: Rp 1,680,000 ++ per camp/child/day

Our experiential programs will challenge your child in fun and inspiring ways and help them grow in confidence, resilience, and awareness so that they can become change-makers in their own lives, communities, and beyond.

Designed by experienced facilitators, our activities will cultivate survival skills, develop sustainability knowledge and awareness, and empower individuals–all while having a blast!

Green Camp’s main campus is located near Ubud on Green School Bali’s “wall-less” campus surrounded by permaculture gardens, shaded outdoor learning areas, a workshop space made entirely out of bamboos and an outdoor field. If your child loves Green Camp AYANA, please check out the various multi-day camps Green Camp offers here. See our FAQ.

Farm Discovery | Tuesday

The Farm Discovery Program is to provide campers with a hands-on, immersive experience while they investigate the abundant biodiversity found on our farm.

Flora and Fauna Scavenger Hunt
Acquire the ability to recognize various plant species, trees, birds, insects, and other wildlife that are frequently encountered on farms.

Nature Guidebook
Make a colorful, customized guidebook to record the things you learned during the program.

Natural Eco Printing
Learn how to use natural plant pigments to create stunning and distinctive patterns on fabric.

Bamboo Designer and Builder| Wednesday

Boost your confidence by knowing you have the skills to survive and thrive in the wild  

Shelter Making : Shelter making is teaching children a skill that prepares them a critical difference in a wide range of scenarios. Whether for survival, adventure, or simply being prepared, the ability to create a safe and comfortable shelter is a valuable asset.

Water Collections & Filtration : Water collection in the outdoors can be a challenging but essential skill for survival. Children will learn proper techniques and a knowledge of local resources to survive by collecting and filtering water.

Fire Making: Fire-making skill is not only practical but also empowering and versatile. Children will learn to provide a sense of security and independence while ensuring their ability to thrive in various situations, from outdoor adventures to emergency scenarios.

Nature Explorer | Thursdays

Reconnect with the natural world and its gifts through natural dyes and coconut climbing

Natural Dyes: Learn about the magic of materials that exist in nature with creativity! Enrich understanding of natural materials  and its benefits for making colors

Coconut Climbing : Learn about the unique materials that exist in nature with fun arts and craft activities! Enrich understanding of a coconut tree and its benefits by experiencing coconut climbing and making coconut creation. 

From Seed to Table | Friday

Fun Gardening & Green Master Chef
Connect with food! Discover where food comes from through food foraging at AYANA Farm followed by an Indonesian cooking class. By Joining this program, children will learn to be responsible and aware of the food in a sustainable way in gathering edible plants, and other naturally occurring food sources from the environment. 

Outdoor Adventure Day | Saturdays

Mangrove Planting & Mangrove Exploration on Kayak
“Discover the Hidden Beauty” – Let’s join together to uncover the breathtaking secrets of mangrove ecosystems. 

By joining the program, campers will get the chance to explore the Mangrove forest on kayaks, and end the program with Mangrove planting. This is part of our effort in offsetting the amount of carbon footprint and it is vital for protecting our coasts, preserving biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and supporting the livelihoods of coastal communities. 

"I'm very glad that they were able to experience something that they couldn't experience in Japan. Climbing the coconut tree was a very memorable experience for the two of them. It was my first time climbing a tree that high."


"I've heard that for him, every experience was enjoyable. He mentioned it was a pity that he couldn't participate in the survival skills activity."



Green Discovery Camp


7 – 12 y.o


4 June 2024 – 31 August 2024  


1 Day or Multiple Days Day Program

9.30 AM – 14.30 PM

LOCATION: Ayana Estate

Rp. 1,680,000 ++ / Pax / 1 Day 


Fun adventures inspired by nature activities specially designed by green facilitators! With yummy and healthy snacks and lunch.

See below the most common activities included in our program:

  • Fun Gardening and Food Foraging
  • Green Master Chefs
  • Jungle Trekking
  • Survival Skills
  • Natural Dyes Painting
  • Coconut Tree Climbing and Creation
  • Many more exciting activities!
  • Fun and engaging workshops
  • Green Camp facilitator safety qualifications: First-Aid Level I & II Certified by International SOS
  • 24-hour supervision by security and facilitators
  • Medical staff on-site and/or on-call

There will be a minimum of 4 kids in order for the camp to run and a maximum of 15 kids can join our kids camps at a given time – this makes for a close-knit, casual, and uncrowded ambiance.

Upon confirmation, we will send you via e-mail an Online Participant Information form that needs to be filled out with your information details including dietary needs, allergies, medical information and emergency contact number. Enclosed in the email you will also find a Prep-Pack that contains useful information to get you prepared.

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