Green Camp x GESS : Mangrove Bamboo Bridge Project

It is always exciting to have a collaboration for a good purpose!
In October 2023, our collaboration with German European School Singapore (GESS) to construct a bamboo bridge has been a resounding success! Mangrove Bamboo Bridge, a part of Mangrove Restoration Project, wasn’t only the project between Green Camp and GESS, but we also collaborated with Green School Carbon Zero Project Team.

The project’s outcomes were not limited to acquiring new skills and fostering collaboration; they also aimed to support the local community by providing easier access to the mangrove and educating them about its significance. This project was originally designed as a 5-day endeavor, but to our surprise, the students managed to complete it in just 4 days!
The students began the project by meeting with the stakeholders and familiarizing themselves with the project site where they would be building the bridge. They conducted a small workshop to ensure the bridge was constructed properly. Then, they gathered with their team members to outline daily tasks for each day to optimize their progress within the tight timeframe.

From the second day through to the fourth day, the students eagerly dove into the project. Their activities included transporting materials, measuring and cutting wood and bamboo, constructing the frame and scaffolding, installing the bridge components, and putting the finishing touches on the bamboo bridge. Working in the heat presented an evident challenge, but the students encouraged each other to stay hydrated and successfully fulfilled their daily tasks.

The diligent efforts yielded positive results!
As we had anticipated, the project concluded ahead of schedule, mainly due to the students consistently exceeding daily expectations and goals. Working closely together, they meticulously inspected the quality of the bamboo and wood, efficiently passed materials and equipment, skillfully executed the drilling and nailing processes, and ultimately succeeded in the installation and completion of the projects. The main success of the project was the communication and self-management, as they were able to managed themselves to listen to the instructions and divided the task equally between each teams. We could observe their elation and delight immediately after they completed the construction of the bridge! Hooray!

To wrap things up, the students put together a presentation to recount their journey and achievements, expressing their gratitude and sharing their personal reflections with the stakeholders and the invaluable Green School Carbon Zero Project team, who provided unwavering assistance and support throughout the project.

The school community project has left us utterly astounded, and we deeply appreciate the opportunity that was extended to us. To Green School Carbon Zero Project team and our school partner GESS, you truly are incredible!

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