Green School English @ Green Camp

Green School English @ Green Camp is an intensive 7 day English language and experiential learning adventure for students aged 8 – 14. Using a theme-based curriculum along with a hands-on ‘experiential’ learning approach, students can rapidly build their language skills and emerge more proficient and confident English communicators. Set in the heart of the jungle of Bali, Green School English @ Green Camp offers a learning environment which will engage young minds and  bodies through a truly holistic learning approach.

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Why Our Program

Green School English @ Green Camp is like no other English intensive course because it is…

  • Holistic: Integrated learning around thematic topics that engage students in cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and intrapersonal development.
  • Experiential: Abundant opportunities to learn by doing and apply English language learning to real-life scenarios.
  • Nature immersion: Learning occurs on a lush tropical campus in bamboo classrooms with no windows or walls providing incidental and direct opportunities to connect with nature.
  • Relevant: Learning components develop valuable practical skills including intercultural understanding, collaboration, presentation, and entrepreneurial.
  • Language immersion: Teachers and staff use English as the primary language of instruction and an ‘English only’ environment is encouraged.


7:00AM    Wake Up
7:30AM    Breakfast
8:30AM    Morning Gathering/Energiser Activity
9:00AM    Functional English
10:30AM  Morning Snacks
10:45AM  Project Work
12:15PM  Lunch
1:30PM    Experiential Learning/Nature Based Activities
2:45PM    Afternoon Refreshment
3:30PM    Experiential Learning/Nature Based Activities
4:45PM    Free Time/Refreshments
5:45PM    Journal/Reflection
6:00PM    Dinner
7:00PM    Evening Activity or Independent Learning
8:30PM    Debrief
9:30PM    Lights Out

3 Frames Breakdown


Functional classes are based around a fundamental question for that theme and provides the students with the key grammar and lexical tools that will need to complete the projects and experiential activities associated with each theme. Classes focus on core and discrete intellectual competencies to reach proficiency, while taking a student centered approach to meet differentiated student needs.


Experiential classes provide an opportunity for students to apply what they have learnt through hands on ‘experiential’ tasks. As well as allowing students to apply the English they have learnt in a variety of exciting and challenging tasks, it also provides an opportunity for students to build on their teamwork and critical thinking skills.


Project work serves as the culmination of what student learn in their functional English classes and what they apply in their experiential classes. Each theme students work on a variety of different projects that aim to challenge their creative and planning skills, as well as showcasing the English they have learnt from that week.

What Students Will Leave With

  • Improved fluency in English language skills.
  • Engagement in the vibrant culture of Bali as well as with members of the international community around Green Camp.
  • A once-in-a-lifetime English learning experience on the internationally acclaimed bamboo campus in the jungle of Bali.
  • A new and transformative way of looking at learning, more equipped to engage in an international educational setting and confidence in your unique skills and interests.
  • Plenty of experience as a team player with presentation and collaborative learning skills.


  • Accommodation at our Yurt Village and Lodge, can sleep up to 85 people
  • Healthy meals & homemade snacks, free-flow spring water, coffee, tea
  • Teachers and Facilitators
  • 24-hour supervision by security and our facilitators
  • Medical staff on-site and/or on-call
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