Green Spaces keep us Happy and Healthy!

It is now more important than ever to stay connected with nature and live a healthy, happy and sustainable life.

From reducing stress and anxiety to improving physical health and increasing happiness, there is now undeniable evidence that spending time outdoors and connecting with nature improves our well-being.

While many of us are spending most of our time indoors, we must also try to spend some time in green spaces, breathing fresh air to ensure our well-being.

And if you can’t get outside don’t worry! It’s been demonstrated that just seeing images of natural spaces is beneficial and healthy!

A History of Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability


Green Camp was established in 2009 with a mission to get more people outside learning, playing, exploring and connecting with their environment. Since then, we’ve introduced thousands of students, families and communities from around the world to this unique and special place where memories are made and learning adventures are inspired by nature.

We welcome schools, families and groups to your year-round programs as well as our summer expeditions. And if you have a special request or interest we’ll even customize a camp, especially for your group!

It’s no accident that once people visit Green Camp they feel a special connection and always want to come back for more. Those connections are made because exploring Nature and discovering her secrets while instilling a sense of wonder is embedded in our mission and expressed in our Four Pillars of Learning Educational Philosophy.

Green Camp’s 4 Pillars of Learning

Sustainability Education – The UN Sustainable Development Goals underpin the camp curriculum as a unifying framework for enhancing understanding of sustainability challenges, and to help us be more responsible global citizens.

Intercultural Appreciation – We believe that the diversity of cultures in our communities should be deeply respected and understood.

Nature-Based Learning – Through a range of experiences campers are able to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Personal and Social Development – Full immersion in nature, with blurred lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, allows campers to fully experience their place in the natural world’s rich biodiversity.

Hands-On, Minds On

When you arrive at Green Camp you’ll be introduced to our beautiful campus complete with organic gardens and visually stunning bamboo architecture. Our culturally diverse team of facilitators will immerse you in Green Camp’s unique wall-less learning environment complete with sights, smells and sounds that will captivate and amaze you while engaging all your senses.

Now you’re ready to begin an adventure that will manifest into a story of sustainability from your own green experience.


Shortly after you arrive you can trek in our rice fields, ride a bicycle through the nearby villages or jump in the river to build a bamboo raft to become fully immersed in the surroundings while getting up close and personal with life on land and life below water!



Cultural Immersion

Learn more about the Balinese traditions by making offerings called canang. You might also learn some of the many Balinese dances and visit the mysterious looking temples to discover the fascinating history of Bali’s Hindu traditions while connecting and interacting with the local community.



Science and Ecology

Get your hands dirty in the permaculture gardens, complete a Nature scavenger hunt and spend an evening seeking out nocturnal creatures to learn why every organism is important to the local ecosystem.



Hands-On & Student-Centered

And of course, all of our activities are based on a hands-on, experiential approach to learning that peaks the participants’ curiosity and puts them at the center of their own learning!




Makan! Makan!

And don’t forget the food! When you visit you’ll be treated to the exotic fragrant spices and delicious dishes that make Balinese cuisine some of the best you’ve ever had. And to keep it healthy and eco-friendly many of the plant-based dishes are harvested directly from our very own organic gardens.



Bringing Green Camp to You!

Until you can visit us and join one of our camps in Bali there are opportunities to join us online through our videos and interactive Distance Learning Program.

This way you can see what Green Camp is all about and take part in our programs regardless of where you happen to be at the moment.

During our live sessions, we’ll explore the inner workings of nature and learn how to care about the planet we all share and call home!

Keep reading below to learn how to sign up and join us.

Do your part and Join Us!

So do your part, become more connected to nature and learn how to live a more sustainable lifestyle by joining our camps in Bali or by taking part in our Nature Journeys Distance Learning Program.

Learn more about our camps in Bali here

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We look forward to seeing you for your very own Learning Adventure Inspired by Nature with Green Camp Bali!

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