By Kenny Peavy

Yesterday was a spectacular day of fun Learning Adventures Inspired by Nature at Green Camp!

We were lucky enough to host Pak Thabo, Ibu April and Ibu Chandra along with 11 of their enthusiastic learners from the grade one class of Green School for a day full of activities.

We started the adventure by walking from Green School to Green Camp and crossing the iconic Millennium Bridge while connecting with Nature and soaking in the gorgeous greenery of the Green School campus and soothing sounds of the Ayung River.

Once we arrived, we played fun team-building games and energizers to set the tone and get ready for the day’s lessons and activities. Shortly after that, the students explored the difference in Natural and Not-natural (human-made) with our Nature Investigator activity, during which, the students become nature detectives and explored the mysteries of Green Camp.

After lunch, we got up close and personal with the flora and fauna found in the soil and discovered worms, ants and decomposing leaves and learned how they all contribute to healthy, rich soil that’s important for the permaculture gardens. Students then collected soil samples and experimented with how to separate the soil into clay for their next project!

After a healthy lunch and free-play time, students returned to their clay to create art!

The artistic creations ranged from volcanoes and trees to snakes, scorpions, hamburgers and even tea cups and saucers. What a blast to connect with the soil and clay in so many ways!

After a full day of exploring, playing and learning the students trekked back to Green School exhausted and satisfied from their Big Day at Green Camp.

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