Welcome, Bali Orphan Day Center!

In early November and December, we had the pleasure of hosting the Bali Orphan Day Centre at our camp as part of our partnership with Yayasan Taman Permata Hati. The children’s positive energy and enthusiasm filled us with joy!

During half of the day, the children engaged in various interactive programs at Green Camp, exploring the rich biodiversity through activities like a scavenger hunt for flora and fauna and learning about natural dyes. These programs not only enhanced their understanding of the interconnectedness of living things around humans but also introduced them to sustainable practices.

To make the camp experience complete, we incorporated games, a campfire, and, of course, marshmallows! We shared laughter and had fun together, fostering a sense of openness and awareness of their own well-being. Although the children were reluctant to leave at the end of the camp, we are confident that it left them with lasting memories and a significant impact. In a short period, we built a heartfelt connection with the children. Until we meet again, Bali Orphan Day Centre!

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