Camping is the best way to get close to nature. When you choose a camping adventure at Green Camp in Bali, you won’t only get close to nature, you’ll also learn about sustainability and how you can help conserve our planet’s beautiful natural areas.

You’ll make new friends, exchange ideas with people raised in other cultures to your own, develop as a person through the challenges you face, and explore Bali’s breathtaking jungle. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to climb coconut trees, learn how to build a yurt from bamboo, and experience traditional mud wrestling!

However, this isn’t a backpacking activity where you carry your food and shelter over long distances. Everything you need will be provided at the camp, including a bamboo yurt to sleep in and delicious food to eat. With the unique features of Green Camp in mind, here’s how you can pack lightly for your camping adventure.

Make a List

Whenever I pack for a vacation, I conduct a brainstorming session. I try to imagine everything I might need for the activities I plan and write a list. As I’m brainstorming, I divide my list into 5 sections to help focus my thoughts.


You’re about to have the adventure of your life, so you’ll definitely want a camera to record your adventures. Bring a camera that’s robust enough to survive a jungle trek and an extra memory card. If you need to recharge your camera’s battery, don’t forget to bring an adapter.

Hydration is important, especially when you’re mud wrestling or building a raft, so pack a reusable water bottle that holds at least 500ml. At night, you’ll be thankful for a flashlight to navigate around the village. A journal is a good idea for chronicling your adventures in Bali. Also, select a quick-dry towel as you’ll need it for drying off after said adventures.

You’ll need a duffel bag or a lightweight backpack large enough to hold all these things. DO NOT bring a bag with wheels…it probably won’t survive the journey. For your hiking adventures and other offsite activities, you should also bring a day-pack, i.e., a small, light bag with shoulder straps just big enough to carry your camera, a water bottle, the snacks provided, a journal and one change of clothes.

Please DO NOT bring tablets, phones, laptops, or electronic games. You can’t get close to nature if your eyes are fixed on a screen and your ears wired for sound. I’m sure you aren’t traveling across the globe to do something you could do in your own living room. You also don’t need to bring any camping equipment as it’s all supplied.


When selecting what clothes to bring along, remember 2 things. First, the weather conditions in Bali. It’s humid and hot year-round. You’ll need cotton or dri-fit T-shirts (Nike or Adidas Dri-FIT are suitable), shorts, and light socks. Second, you’re not going to Green Camp to party in night clubs or dine at the Ritz. You’ll be engaging in challenging, healthy activities that will most likely cause damage to your clothes. So, don’t pack your irreplaceable favorite dress.

To avoid confusion, please ensure all your clothes are labeled. Don’t forget to pack several pairs of socks and undergarments. As Forest Gump mentioned, you really must change your socks regularly in the jungle. At night, when the bugs come out to play, you’ll be thankful for long pants or a long skirt as well as a long-sleeved shirt or lightweight sweater.

For outdoor activities, you MUST wear closed-toe shoes or sneakers. Pack sturdy footwear suitable for hiking and occasional running. Also, bring waterproof sandals with heel straps. You might find flip flops (crocks) more comfortable for when you’re not out on an adventure.

In case of inclement weather, you’ll need a poncho or lightweight rain jacket and a long-sleeved hoodie. You’ll also require a bathing suit. You’ll definitely need a sun hat and should consider bringing a pair of sunglasses…prescription if you need them.


When selecting your toiletries, remember the environment. It’s possible to purchase solid soaps and shampoos that require less packaging, or alternatively to buy toiletries packaged in recyclable materials. You’ll need a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and shower gel. Keep all your toiletries in a Ziploc bag.

Sunscreen and bug spray are essential. Look out for environmentally friendly brands where possible.


Although Green Camp employs a Wilderness First Responder and medical staff, if you suffer from any medical conditions, you must bring with you any essential prescription medicine required. If you have an allergy, then pack an EpiPen. Please inform Green Camp of any serious medical conditions in the Medical History section of your Program Application.

Although money is essential for many things in life, please do not bring large quantities of cash. Instead, bring a credit card and your driver’s license for identification.

Food & drinks

Don’t bring any! As mentioned above, you should bring a reusable stainless steel or plastic water bottle at least 500ml in capacity. Please do not pack any other food or snacks when you set off for Green Camp. You will be provided with ample delicious and healthy food and snacks during your stay. Do not take food into your yurt because this will attract bugs, and that won’t be pleasant for you or anyone else around you.


When you have decided what you’re bringing, lay out everything on a flat surface so you can visualize how you’re going to pack them all into your duffel or backpack. Before you begin, ensure your bag is clean, dry, and empty. As you pack each item, cross it off your list. Pack in the following order.

Heavy items

Pack heavy items first. This is especially important if you’re using a backpack because you’ll want to balance your bag so you don’t put too much pressure on your spine.

Emergency items

If you’re carrying emergency items, such as an EpiPen, put them somewhere easily accessible. The side pocket of your backpack is ideal.

Frequently used items

Anything you’ll need frequently should also be easily accessible, such as your camera in case you want to snap photographs during your journey. You might want to use a strap to hang your camera around your neck.

Time to Go Green!

Now your bag is packed, you’re ready for your eco-friendly adventure. Green Camp is unlike any outdoor adventure you’ve tried before, so get ready for the interesting and unexpected.

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