A summer camp or sleep away camp is a seemly well-chosen option for children and teens for their summertime. It is fun to stay active exploring new challenging activities on holidays, in a safe and nurturing environment while making new friends from all around the world. Especially when Camp Thailand is getting the hype, the trend of productive summertime for children has rapidly increased.

While Camp Thailand mostly offers people to be unplugged from the technology by plugging back to nature and its’ finest, Green Camp Bali provides a wide variety of engaging programs. Not only it gives you the chance to reconnect with nature, but it also allows you to contribute to nature, whilst immersing yourselves in Balinese culture.

For the past few years now, people around the world are seeking for the best destination of summer camp to send their children to. Guess what, no need to look further!  In one of the most stunning islands of Indonesia,

Green Camp Bali has been there for many years now to inspire people to live more sustainably by delivering an extraordinary holistic experiential education with various camp options that would best suit your needs.

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One of our latest youth camps was Conservation and Community Exploration Camp which was focused on turtle conservation and reptiles rescue,  this might get your attention. See the video below.

The program was not only about the educational visit but it also has shown us a greater understanding and connection on how our daily actions impact the ecosystems around us. Moreover, it teaches our campers on what we could do to maintain our ecosystems balanced and protected.

This program is designed for campers to become more comfortable and confident by the end of their journey. Aside from providing a safe and supportive environment,  campers are also challenged to participate in a new experience, build friendships, and develop new skills by taking great pride in learning and gaining an impactful achievement.

The entire team of the Green Camp Bali who facilitates the programs are not only experts in their field, they are also dedicated to guiding campers in their pursuit of incredible memories as well as providing them with in-depth experiential learning. So what are you waiting for? Join us here at Green Camp Bali, together we build the future of our children.

See a link >>>>>> https://greencampbali.com/youth-camps/

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