Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Green Camp?

We are located adjacent to the Green School campus. If you are coming from the West Entrance, you will find our site before Green School. For more information, please click on our Location page.

When is the best time to visit Green Camp if we are in Bali?

Dry season in Bali are in April, May, June, July, August and September. Wet, rainy season are October, November, December, January, February, March.

During camp, we do not allow public visitation other than the Green School tour. This is due to privacy of our campers. However, you can join the Green School regular tour via their website.

Where do your campers come from?

Predominantly, we get campers from South East Asia regions, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, China and Australia. We also receive visitors from North America, Canada, Brazil and European countries.

What comes next after we booked online?

Upon confirmation we will send you via Email an “Online Participants Form” that needs to be filled out with your information details including dietary needs and allergies as well as a Prep Pack for your chosen camp. This is important information in order for you to maximize the whole Green Camp experience.

What is your cancellation policy?

Notification of cancellation must be made in writing 30 days or more before the start date of the camp to receive a 50% refund. If written notification is received less than 30 days before the start date of the camp there will be no refund.

If a camper is a “no show”, no refund is possible as expenses have already been incurred. If a camper has not arrived at Green Camp by midnight on day one, he/she will be considered a “no show”.


Cancellation notice will need to be given in writing as soon as possible and will need to include a medical certificate (unless otherwise negated with the Camp Director).


– Failure to attend camp for any reason (see “Cancellation Policy”)
– Act of God
– Temporary absences
– Any withdrawal prior to or within the first two consecutive calendar days of the camp session (except for illness or injury)
– Dismissal from camp
– Boycotting of camp by the camper
– Rebellion, riot or civil commotion
– Destruction of any camp facility due to any cause
– Closures due to national or natural disasters beyond our control


  1. A transferable voucher for an equal or lesser value valid for 1 year from your original camp start dates (depending on availability). The voucher can be transferred to family or friends with at least one month’s notice. We will require a list of the new participants one month prior to the new camp start dates if the voucher is transferred.
  2. If we cancel a program then the participant will receive a full refund.
What do we need to pack for our trip?

After we have receive a confirmed payment from you, we will send you a Prep Pack according to your chosen camp, it will contain useful information to get you prepared for Green Camp.

In what language are the camps runned?

All our camps are runned in english, so we requiere a basic understanding of english to participate in the camps.
In the case the campers don’t have the basic level, they have the option to bring translator.

Does the camp fee include transportation?

No it does not, transportation to and from the camp is not included in our fee. However, if you would like us to arrange transportation, we can do so at an additional fee (depending from your location in Bali).

What is the difference between the 3 Day and 5 Day Family Camps?

3 Day Family Camp is the perfect short eco getaways for the whole family. Kids should be minimum of 5 years age to have the most optimal experience. 5 Day Family Camp offer families a more in-depth and authentic experience of Green Camp and Bali. Having 5 days here will allow you the time to experience intrepid explorations into the jungle or rice paddies surrounding our site, to swimming in our spring-fed rock pools, to making a positive difference by contributing to our ongoing community service and sustainable agriculture projects.

What is the maximum number of families that can participate in the Family Camp?

Maximum 12 families, approximately 50 participants in total (adult & children).

Can we bring a baby to the Family Camp?

Ideally, kids should be a minimum of 5 years old to have the most optimal experience, the Family Camp will comprise of kids at various age range as small as a year old to 17 years old. If you are planning to bring an infant (0 – 1 year old), please be aware that we do not provide baby cots nor baby food.

Do we need to stay overnight for the Family Camp?

We would require all Family Campers to stay at the camp, this is due to evening programs that we conduct at Green Camp (also this is a great chance to interact with other families).

What is the minimum and maximum number of students and teachers can we bring per school program?

The minimum participant for customized groups is 15 people. We can accommodate up to 80 people (students and teachers) per school group.

Are the parents able to call during the Kids Overnight Camp?

In the Prep Pack, you will find the Emergency phone number in which our facilitators carry around. Parents are allowed to call only in urgent matters. Please note during the day, you may call to the Green Camp office. We want to create an environment where kids are independent and enjoying their time here. This is an important part of our camp experience – helping children to develop personal care and personal responsibility skills while away from home.

We are arriving earlier than our camp date, could you recommend accommodation nearby?

Please have a look at the following accommodation options located near our site:
Green Village
Bambu Indah
Furama Villa & Spa Ubud Village
Puri Asri Villa
Alam Puri Villa

Can we interact with Green School students or local school students during our stay?

No interaction/ observation of Green School classes is allowed, we get many requests of the sort and it would be unfair to disrupt their classes and learning time. On the other hand, we have done collaborations with local school programs which involves a cultural exchange and environmental knowledge between the two schools. This could be done upon request.

Can you tell me more about your on-site facilitators? Are they all certified in CPR/ First Aids or fully trained in outdoor environment, etc.?

Our facilitators are experienced and passionate about what they do, we have permanent full­-time facilitators from all around Indonesia with various camp and outdoor adventure experiences. They are CPR & First Aid Level I & II certified by International SOS, Wildlife First Responder, International Water Life Saving Certification.

What are your Emergency procedures? Is there a hospital nearby? Do you have a nurse or doctor on site 24/7?

For Family & Kids Camps, we will share and brief you on our Emergency procedures once you arrive. For School Groups, we will communicate with you all the procedures, dietary restrictions directly with our Director & Health & Safety Officer. Our Health & Safety Officer will be on-site and on-call during evenings, he is also a registered nurse. We work very close with the nearest hospital in which we will have first priority (including a fully-equipped ambulance) in case an emergency arise.

Do you offer insurance during our stay?

No, Green Camp does not offer insurance. Every program will involve some physical challenges and participants are encouraged to prepare adequately. In the event of a medical emergency, Green Camp will help to procure medical treatment; however, we assume no liability regarding provision of medical care. Campers are urged to check their insurance coverage for its adequacy when outside of their country, we encourage campers to purchase travel health insurance prior to their visit.

Are there bathrooms near our accommodation? Will instructors be sleeping near by?

In every 3 Yurts, we have shared outdoor shower (hot and cold) and composted toilets, as well as communal bathroom for both boys and girls (8 showers and composted toilets). Yes, we have facilitators overnighting during camp. On the other hand, our Lodge have regular toilets and showers that is supported with our wastewater gardens.

Do you offer any volunteering or internship program?

We currently offer volunteer and internship program for Indonesian. For more information email us at [email protected].

Is there any safe deposit box in our rooms?

Yes, we do have safe deposit box in each room, we also have a large deposit box in our office and we suggest campers to keep their money, important documents and valuables inside. Upon your arrival, our staff will remind you to keep your personal valuables in our safe deposit box.

We are an agent and we would like to bring a group of students or families to your camp. Will we get a special rate?

Yes, please contact us directly at [email protected].

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