South Sulawesi Sustainability Journey

Join Green Camp’s most intrepid journeys and discover one of the world's most amazing coastal landscapes!

Before the camp started, I always wanted to learn about coral and marine life biodiversity. This year I finally got the opportunity to learn in South Sulawesi. I learned the importance of ocean to life on earth and how important it is to protect it, so that our children and grandchildren will get to experience in an even richer way than I already have.
– Theodore Murphy

Not only this journey has been fun, but also educational! We were able to witness the problem the ocean is facing and how we can help it. I was fascinated by the abundance of marine life, half of the creatures I did not know it existed! It is only here in Sulawesi, can you imagine the entire world?
– Anya Stern

At first, I honestly did not think I would survive life without Wi-Fi for a week, but it has been so amazing and I want to come back! To be disconnected for this time and to have so much fun, meet new people, learn new culture, make new friends and be in a beautiful place has been transformational for me. I also love the Buddy system we had during our time here where a local Indonesian and a foreigner pair up in each program. This helps us to learn more about each other’s culture more intimately. 
– Arin Stern

The South Sulawesi Sustainability Journey is an extraordinary summer camp designed to give ample time for kids ages 12 – 16 to enjoy themselves in one of the world’s most amazing coastal landscapes, whilst learning about colorful local Indonesian culture, authentic sustainability and build resiliency in the outdoors. Campers will spend the first and last night at Green Camp in Bali and the rest at our solar-powered beachside residence in Pajoka Beach House, Ara, Bontobahari, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi. It is a truly adventurous and inspiring journey where you will learn marine biodiversity and its significance to our ecosystem, snorkel pristine reefs, hike way off the beaten track and explore colorful local culture.

During the camp, our dedicated facilitators will give campers genuine support to challenge themselves to enhance their environmental awareness, teamwork and survival skills, whilst building a lifetime of memories. 

Here is a sample itinerary of what the campers will be doing during their time at Green Camp Bali and South Sulawesi:

Flight Details
(July 24th, 2017) – Depart to Makassar with Garuda Indonesia 08:40 – 10:10. Drive about 4 hours to Ara, Bontobahari, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.
(July 29th, 2017) – Depart to Denpasar with Garuda Indonesia 19:35 – 21:00.

  1. First and last night will be spent at Green Camp in Bali where you will learn various cultural immersion and sustainability programs.
  2. Sustainable living elements are interwoven throughout the entire journey: from helping offset our carbon emissions from travel, to staying in a solar-powered accommodation, to basic survival skills, to only using local products & ingredients, to exploring our role in ecosystems, to supporting local coral conservation efforts, to minimizing waste – the entire trip will offer kids insights into how they can actively improve sustainable living.
  3. 2 snorkeling trips amidst the coral restoration site and other snorkel spots, in intact reefs in calm tranquil waters. Campers need only know how to swim to engage in these snorkeling trips; our experienced facilitators have carefully selected sites that are beginner-friendly and will guide all students to learn how to snorkel if this is a first for them. Campers get to experience some of Indonesia’s most amazing snorkel sites!
  4. Aside from immersing in the beautiful aquatic life, campers are able to explore on an adventurous hike to Pasohara Cave, Apparalang Cliff, Bissapu Waterfall.
  5. Visit to traditional wooden phinisi-building communities, to see first-hand traditional craftsmen making boats entirely out of wood, using no nails to create watertight seaworthy vessels – from small local boats to massive ships. If we are lucky we will get to witness a traditional boat-launching into the sea.
  6. Visit to an Indonesian green school in South Sulawesi that is partnering with us to share teachings and learnings around making both local and international schools greener. Campers will get to do a cultural exchange through traditional dances and an upcycling project with the local students.
  7. Experience of a beachside campfire, complete with campfire-roasted seafood, fresh veggies, and marshmallows of course. We also have a special facilitator-led Night Safari to explore the nocturnal fauna, and other activities under the stars for our group to share in building knowledge, and memorable friendships.
  8. Seaside raft-building, swimming, a hands-on lesson in local cooking and local culinary treats, as well as other activities are interspersed throughout the journey to create a well-rounded experience.



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