What You Will Learn

Green Camp is built upon 4 Pillars: Sustainability, Leadership, Experiential Education and Cultural Appreciation. Eco-designed to sustain the ecological integrity of the site and with the island of Bali as our experiential adventure-ground, Green Camp’s locale makes for an unparalleled and truly memorable learning adventure experience. 

We customize immersive programs for families to kids from ages 7 – 17 introducing them to the local Balinese culture, whilst imparting knowledge about the environment and sustainability in experiential, creative and fun ways! All programs are conducted in English

Kids return home with new skills and a deeper and more appreciative understanding of the cycles, rhythms and systems of nature and their role within the community by honing these skills:

  • Resilience in the face of adversity
  • Increased confidence, independence and self-awareness
  • Increased motivation and focus
  • Greater awareness of biological, geographical & cultural diversity
  • Improved recognition of the value and relevancy of the sciences to your world
  • Become a thought leader on social, ethical, economic & environmental issues
  • Increased sense of understanding and empathy towards peers
  • Enhanced ability to collaborate across cultures & form lasting relationships 
  • Sense of social responsibility

If we don’t teach children how to live sustainably, there will be no world in which they can live. Children must be taught to understand the impact humans have on the future of our planet. At Green Camp, children will learn how to live sustainably and raise awareness through our waste management program to tackle environmental issues we face today.

A day at Kul Kul Farm where you can learn the methods of permaculture, organic home-gardening, farming, sustainable leadership and eco-living. You will also get to experience sustainable agriculture system in our Subak Walk – a walk through various plantations including a traditional Subak rice field, a system that has been implemented in the Balinese culture for over 500 years.


Every child has the capacity to lead and the capacity to create change. Green Camp fosters leadership by creating a community of participants who live, work, learn and grow together. Every child will be challenged to move outside of their comfort zone, able to work both in a team and initiate to become a leader.

In our Bamboo Egg Slide Challenge, you will get a chance to do teamwork by building a structure that is stable to let the egg pass through successfully. Participants will have to identify what are the challenges in building and working in a team.

experiential education

Children learn by doing. Through immersed, hands-on experience, students will develop knowledge that fosters meaningful connections. At Green Camp, not only do participants acquire knowledge and facts, they are able to practice what they have learned.

Out in the field, you get to climb a coconut tree, an activity that will test your physical and mental abilities to break out of your shell; as well as experiencing a very deep rooted tree in the Balinese culture – a coconut tree is intimately tied to Bali, through many uses from oil, nutritions for daily offerings made from the leaves of the palm.

cultural appreciation

For the world to survive and thrive, the rich diversity of cultures, communities and beliefs must be preserved. Bali offers a vast richness of culture and traditions. By gaining exposure to a new and rich culture, children can develop an appreciation for diversity. 

Children will have a broader understanding to Balinese culture and appreciate their way of tradition and history by doing the Balinese traditional dances, making the craft of Balinese offerings: canang & gebogan making and experience Balinese cooking and family style dining through megibung.