Greetings from Bali, Indonesia!

Green Camp is set in one of the world’s greenest and most innovative campus at the Green School in Bali. We provide experiences that cultivate people’s understanding and appreciation of nature, community, and self through an unforgettable learning adventure.

Our programs operates year-round, offering programs for families, children from ages 7 – 17 to school groups. We provide day and overnight camp programs ranging from half-day visits to intensive week-long residential experiences. Campers are challenged physically, intellectually and emotionally through a range of hands-on activities designed to stimulate different needs, skills as well as living rustically.

Participants who joined Green Camp will better understand and appreciate the multifaceted values of nature and enhance their confidence as young “green leaders” empowered to live successful and sustainable lives.

Intrigued? Learn more about our programs or download and share our 2017 brochure.

Fri 19

3 Day Family Camp

January 19 @ 12:00 pm - January 21 @ 4:00 pm
Feb 17

3 Day Family Camp

February 17 @ 12:00 pm - February 19 @ 4:00 pm
Mar 30

3 Day Family Camp

March 30 @ 12:00 pm - April 1 @ 4:00 pm
Apr 02

5 Day Green Explorer Camp (day camp, ages 7-12 yrs)

April 2 @ 9:00 am - April 6 @ 4:00 pm


Pick and choose your favorite programs, over to you now!

We offer authentic eco-camp family experiences year-round, far off the beaten track in Bali. A fantastic, and fun nature-inspired way to spend with your family or group vacation that you don’t want to miss out!

We invite campers from ages 7 – 12 to join our adventurous camps! Each camp is purposefully planned including reflection time to grow leadership skills whilst impact self-awareness values in fun and memorable ways.

We develop bespoke school programs curated to include activities with a wide range of interests and learning outcomes, focusing on holistic learning and educating sustainable leadership.

The world-renowned academic, life skills camp for kids ages 11 – 17 will be hosted at Green School for the 6th year! Proven to increase children’s grades, confidence and motivation, SuperCamp will take your children’s life to a whole new level.

An extraordinary summer camp designed to give ample time for kids ages 12 – 16 to enjoy amazing coastal landscapes, whilst learning the local Sulawesi culture, and wonders of terrestrial & marine biodiversity.

A new collaboration with International Schools Surf Camp is the perfect combination for kids ages 9 – 16 to experience Bali’s splendor of lush greenery and pristine beaches this Summer!


Show the grown-ups what a day is like at Green Camp and they too can be explorers!

There is no typical day at Green Camp!

Each part of the camp is purposefully planned including reflection time to grow leadership skills such as communication, collaboration, decision-making whilst impart self-awareness values in fun and memorable ways. Each program is adapted to the individual student groups, ongoing community service projects, in order to maximize the experience with us. 

Activities flow from exploring Bali’s rice paddies learning about the irrigation system to tubing in the Ayung River to creating organic gardens and making organic chocolate harvested from our own cacao trees. Swap your heels into shoes and flip flops and start packing your bag. Kids, come experience several of our favorite Green Camp activities at home. Show the grown-ups what a day is like at Green Camp and they too can be explorers!


Surrounded by lush jungle, the campus blends traditional building materials and techniques with cutting edge bamboo design and construction.

Located just 30 minutes southwest of Bali's cultural capital, Ubud

Yurt Village

Families and children who choose our multi-day programs will enjoy our Yurt Village located on the West side of our campus, eco-rustic bamboo homes filled with bamboo bunk beds that sleeps up to 4 people and we have a total of 12 units of yurts. It is built out of thatch roofs, weather-resistant canvas, cooled by a ceiling fan, mosquito nets and surrounded by our organic gardens. Each yurt is serviced by outdoor private enclosed showers and composting toilets.

The Lodge

Located on the East side of the Ayung River, the Lodge is a dormitory style accommodation and can sleep up to a total of 40 people between 2 floors split into female and male in bamboo bunk beds – suited for large school groups. The Lodge is built around the perimeter and a common area in the middle. It is equipped with fans, blankets, towels, mosquito nets, individual lockers for valuables and cooled by a ceiling fan. There are 2 separate bathroom facilities located outside of the building, one on each level, sustainably serviced by our wastewater garden system.


Delicious homemade worldwide cuisine during your stay is sure a delight!

30% homegrown food, cater to all dietary restrictions

From Fork to Fork

Around 30% of vegetables and fruits are locally sourced from our organic gardens. We want to educate participants on “the food cycle” from learning how to grow, harvest, process their own food into food scraps and creating organic fertilizers.

Our Cuisine

We offer a fusion of Indonesian and Western cuisine as well as catering to a wide range of our guests with dietary restrictions and allergies such as lactose intolerant, peanut free, vegan, pescetarianism, ovo-lacto vegetarianism, to name a few. 

The A-Team

Our team consists of people originating from the different islands in Indonesia (Sulawesi, Java and Bali). Our flavor are heavily influenced from each respective island. We love to share our recipes to students thus they can try it at home.

Wantilan in Balinese means a communal space, in which we also share with the kitchen. This is where we dine and learn!

Our very own brick oven organic pizza oven in the making. Participants will get a chance to make their own DIY pizza toppings!


Our dedicated garden team utilizes permaculture and organic gardening methods, focusing on sustainable farming.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow


Our garden-based programs encompasses in which the garden is the foundation of integrated learning through engaging experiences. Participants will gain an increase awareness in food nutrition, the environment and develop life skill attribute. 


We produce and supply over 30 types of vegetables and fruits to our green community: Green School, Bambu Indah, Bamboo Village, Green Village. As an added value, we also offer refined products such as coconut sugar and dried fruits.


A garden is incomplete without the presence of livestock. Our animals range from rabbits, chickens, cows, buffalos to pigs. They play a vital role in agricultural waste management as they produce compost for our organic gardens and food waste. 

Welcome to our Educational Garden where we teach and learn together about our ecosystem, nutrient cycle and implement our fork to fork philosophy.

Participants will have a hands on experience in organic gardening: making 3 types of compost, plant their seeds and a whole new way of looking at their plates.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Certified First-Aid, Wildlife First Responder & International Water Life Saving

Families and kids who come to Green Camp often remark what makes their experience stand out is the connection students develop to our charismatic, caring and professional staff. Our Balinese staff provide insight into the unique culture of this island, while our staff from other parts of Indonesia who has lived both nationwide and worldwide, ensure that our programs offer a global perspective. Green Camp has a high staff to camper ratio, ensuring that all campers are well-supervised and receive individualized attention from our facilitators. 


Balinese origin, grew up in Jakarta and Vienna. Fluent in German, but moved back to Bali 15 years ago. Her professional background was mainly in hospitality but her love for nature, culture and education led her to Green Camp. When she is not at camp she spends her free time  with her 2 beautiful daughters, traveling and reading her favorite books.

Accountant / HR Coordinator

Born and raised in the city of Denpasar, Bali. Ani has worked in the Finance department for over 12 years, hence why accounting  has been her expertise ever since. In her spare time, she loves to research on how to cultivate oyster mushrooms, apart from its high economic value, oyster mushroom has high nutrients and great for our body.

Sales & Marketing Manager 

Born and raised in Jakarta, partially grew up in Gaborone, Botswana during her childhood years. She pursued her dreams by studying Strategic Design & Management at Parsons The New School for Design, New York and worked thereafter. She is as happy as a clam when she is riding her horse, illustrating whilst immersed in thrill-seeking adventures!

General Administration / Receptionist

A Balinese born and raised, she is the most kind hearted and sweetest individual. Having studied Japanese literature in STIBA Saraswati, she is the go-to person when it comes to gearing up for Green Camp. She recently gave birth to a beautiful newborn baby and spends most days with her. 


Finance Administrator

A Balinese born and raised, Martha recently  received her Bachelor of Education degree at Mahasaraswati University prior to landing her first job at Green Camp. Her free spirit, wit, dilligence and genuineness makes her a great addition to the Green Camp team. Martha loves dogs, ethnic and vintage treasures.

Program Manager

Makassar bred, but able to speak multiple foreign languages including Spanish and French like a native! She moved to Bali almost 5 years ago after living in Vancouver, Canada more than half a decade, fell in love with the place and followed through her passion at Green Camp. She is mesmerized by the almighty nature, enjoys being active and fit.

Assistant Program Manager

Born and raised in Bali, Ferli spent his golden childhood years in the middle of rice paddies in Sanur and pristine beaches. He spent 10 years working in the tourism and hospitality industry, both in his beloved homeland and abroad. His career paths led him to Green Camp to pursue his love and passion for outdoor education, which was initially his hobby.

Senior Facilitator / Health & Safety Officer

 A certified nurse and a dog lover, born in Manado he started his nursing career as a rotating paramedic at mining companies. He moved to Bali 3 years ago and began to explore environmental sustainability. His past professional background varies from a clinical instructor, green educator, insurance analyst, water life saver to wilderness first responder. 


Born and raised in Jakarta. At the age of 19, she studied Textile Design in the land of Sakura at Tama Art University, Tokyo. After 6 years, she went back home to work as a textile designer. She received an artist residency scholarship to Mexico and began her textile odyssey that created positive impacts to her mind, body and soul, which led her to Green Camp. 


Born and raised in Denpasar, a happy-go-lucky Bali lad, whose nickname always give campers a chuckle, “what is the Wi-Fi password?” For someone who is the youngest facilitator at Green Camp, Wi-Fi is filled with remarkable knowledge from Golden silk orb-weaver facts to all flora and fauna species during Subak walk and certainly loves his manga comics!


A Surabaya native, Pinetree moved to Bali in 1999 for school. His love for extreme sports led him to be a rock climbing athlete since 2004 and won first place in Junior Asian Youth Cup in 2006. He still remains to be an athlete and a local champion nationwide. When he is not climbing, he shares his passion in learning medicinal and herbal plants in Bali.



A Torajan and Alorese-mixed origin, but born and raised in Pare-Pare, South Sulawesi. She studied English Literature and International Relations in Makassar, also enrolled in Oregon State University, USA for an Intensive Academic English. She loves playing her guitar, riding her big bike and being out in nature.


Operational Support

A Sibang Kaja native, Agus holds a significant role in supporting the Programs Department, ensuring all programs at Green Camp are well-equipped and running smoothly. He dreams to open his very own local groceries store with his wife one day.

Kitchen Supervisor

Born in the city of Klungkung, Bali. After a few years of cooking hiatus to spend time with her children, she returned to pursue her passion in the kitchen at Green Camp. When she is not cooking, she is always in search for and experimenting new recipes. Her delicious cuisine ranges from Balinese, Javanese, Indian to Italian and Mexican food! 

Maintenance Supervisor

Born in the jungle lush of Ubud, Kartana has worked for 4 years at Green Camp. Aside from maintaining our site, like many other Balinese, he is very crafty and artistic, which makes him our go-to guy when it comes to preparing the bamboo culm sheath to make our beautiful bamboo business cards. His hobby includes playing chess and aspires to be an entrepreneur. 


A true Balinese lass, Iluh is a hardworking, dedicated, reliable and motivated young lady. She has worked for 2 years at Green Camp as our housekeeping. On her spare time she loves eating, traveling and cooking as she aspires to be a chef one day. Her dream comes from a long line of family who owns a small business of selling Balinese rice.