A cartoonist. An anthropologist. A fashion designer. A celebrated chef. When ruminating over life’s lessons, what better advice to take than from people in varied fields? Read on for an unpredictable mix of quotable quotes.


“Today Was Good, Today Was Fun, Tomorrow Is Another One.” – Dr. Seuss

Another year passed, another year beginning. If the thought of all your to-dos overwhelms you, borrow some optimism from Dr. Seuss. Trivia: The well-known children’s author was also a political cartoonist, “publishing over 400 cartoons for the liberal New York newspaper PM between 1941 and 1943,” states his website. Spot political undertones in his books with themes like acknowledging minorities in Horton Hears a Who!, opposing anti-segregation in The Sneetches, to environmental awareness in The Lorax.


“Never Doubt That A Group Of Thoughtful, Committed Citizens Can Change The World; Indeed, It Is The Only Thing That Ever Has.” – Margaret Mead

Anthropologist Margaret Mead was recognized for her findings on the impact of culture on the development of people. According to the Institute of Intercultural Studies, “She believed that cultural patterns of racism, warfare, and environmental exploitation were learned.” Mead said these famous lines to encourage how—on the other side of the coin—learning positive change is equally possible.


“Must We Always Teach Our Children With Books? Let Them Look At The Mountains And The Stars Up Above. Let Them Look At The Beauty Of The Waters And The Trees And Flowers On Earth. They Will Then Begin To Think, And To Think Is The Beginning Of A Real Education.” – David Polis

Many great opportunities have arisen by the development of our digital world; yet one thing it can’t offer is the experience to “see for yourself.” Sure, we study the plant and animal worlds in the classroom, but nothing—as expressed in this quote by naturalist David Polis—can replace the spontaneous experience of nature.


“Chance Always Comes To The Aid Of Those Who Really Want Something.” – Christian Dior

A game of chance… This is your last chance… You don’t stand a chance… Why must sayings linked to chance always relate to doubt? This quote by French fashion designer signals to throw your apprehensions out the window and just go for your goal!


“A Party Without Cake Is Just A Meeting.” – Julia Child

We’re not parroting Marie Antoinette’s cake-related advice here. But instead, trying to relive the spirit of the ever vivacious chef and author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking Julia Child. Always surrounded by good food and good company, perhaps the next time you host an event or planning session; you’ll leave room for a little dessert (a.k.a fun).

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