Sustainability Way of Living

Since the globe is going green, the ecocamp is getting popular everywhere. Many schools and families are looking for the best summertime experience for their kids. Ecocamp became an adventurous meaning for those who are looking for such a blast activity to reconnect with nature in a very simplistic duration of time. If you are planning of stepping up a bit further out of your comfort zone and considering eco-friendly vacation for your summer, think ecocamp. That said, Green Camp Bali offers an ecocamp you ought to experience this year.

Green Camp Bali is promoting an alternative to plastic bags: experience natural dyes and create your own customized reusable bag! Here’s what one of our campers experience making her own reusable bag.

Natural dye is one of the activities where the campers experience the value of plants as well as to learn how to make colors from a natural material that they can find around them. Experimenting making your own colors without hampering the environment and applying them by drawing the reusable shopping bag will give such a connection between the single used plastic bags and its impact on the mother-earth. Thus, Green Camp Bali facilitators will invite you to explore the world of natural dyes together with its history.

Give your children the opportunity to connect and immerse themselves in nature, learn how to love it and build their future resilience. This ecocamp is designed to expand your child’s comfort zone and confidence whilst making new friends from all around the world. Come and join our Green Camp Programs, experience the authentic eco-living where everything we do reflects a story of Sustainability. For further information, you may visit here on this link <<.

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