What you will eat

Delicious homemade worldwide cuisine during your stay is sure a delight!


From Fork to Fork

Seasonal vegetables and fruits are locally sourced from our organic gardens. We want to educate participants on “the food cycle” from learning how to grow, harvest, process their own food into food scraps and creating organic fertilizers.

Our Cuisine

We offer a fusion of Indonesian and Western cuisine as well as catering to a wide range of our guests with dietary restrictions and allergies such as lactose intolerant, peanut free, vegan, pescetarianism, ovo-lacto vegetarianism, to name a few.

The A-Team

Our team consists of people originating from the different islands in Indonesia (Sulawesi, Java and Bali). Our flavor are heavily influenced from each respective island. We love to share our recipes to students thus they can try it at home.

Wantilan in Balinese means a communal space, in which we also share with the kitchen. This is where we dine and learn!

Our very own brick oven organic pizza oven in the making. Participants will get a chance to make their own DIY pizza toppings!