You survived Green Camp! Time to share your own stories.

“A place for greener and better tomorrow”

I have travelled to various kinds of schools, events and resorts but Green Camp is unique and so impressive. It’s built by bamboo and thatch for roofing but building are strong enough for typhoon and earth quake. School classrooms are formed with very innovative and creative idea which I never seen before. There are many things to learn & explore at Green Camp therefore I wish to stay longer in my next visit. Services of staffs, trip itinerary made by Green Camp,foods, yurts to stay …are excellent.

AungMyo S from Myanmar

“A unique family experience for our children”

Green Camp Bali provided our family and particularly our children aged 8 & 5 with unique and precious memories of interacting with nature that we’ll hold with us for a lifetime. We live in an urban environment and crave more nature and to see the wild. Green Camp facilitated the interaction with rural Bali/ its flora and fauna, food and customs that we were looking for. For anyone considering Green Camp for their family we would say definitely go for it, but do consider that it is not a hotel and is a ‘rural camping experience’. The setting – in the environs of Green School Bali- is stunningly beautiful, lush green Bali countryside. You really feel you are away from it all. You can hear roosters crowing and there are cows tethered in the nearby village. The pace of life is slow and peaceful. Accommodation is clean but basic in traditional grass roofed yurts. The bamboo bunk beds caused great excitement with our kids. We all shared one yurt and loved it. The food is sourced sustainably from the gardens at Green Camp – 90% at least grown nearby. It was fresh, healthy and delicious. Staff worked hard to prepare the food and we loved the spicy chicken, fresh vegetables, wood oven pizzas and passion fruit smoothies. After breakfast and some good Bali coffee, we walked through rice paddy fields looking at plants, trees, birds and insects. My children loved this walk. The staff – especially Pinetree and Kiki and the chefs – were all delightful and we so look forward to returning at the soonest opportunity. It is also great to know that Green Camp puts its profits back into sustaining the projects at Green School such as the scholarship scheme for talented local children.

totters2010 from United Kingdom


My daughter had a great time on her over-night trip with Green Camp. If you want to get off the tourist trail and have a unique and environmentally sensitive visit, they are highly recommended. The location is beautiful and love the bamboo architecture of green camp and green school.

peakexperiencebali from Indonesia


The camp was professionally run and the organizers and leaders made it absolutely safe and fun. This is the second summer we have left our sons (aged 9 and 12) for 5 days for the Kids Camp. It was so good they have begged me to book them in for next year’s summer camp now. We wish we were young enough to do all the activities. They experienced culture through food, cooking, dance: experienced nature through night safari walks, cycling in the villages and swimming in the river; experienced new friendships and bonding over 5 days in a yurt, experienced real life adventures children should be entitled to in this mad rushed world of academics and social media.

NgMuiHwa from Singapore

“Experiencing Harmony in Green Camp Architecture”

Egg Bamboo Slide and Bamboo Building activities at Green Camp make us experience the concepts of sustainable bamboo building. It’s worth trying to create buildings along environment context without disturbing and destroying it while functions of buildings could be exerted. At last day, we freely enjoyed life in Green Camp. It’s a life so close to nature. My son asked me could we live here forever? This is the best “Hotel” he ever lived! Children live here could sense the subtle change of nature, human beings breathe together with architectures and environment.

Kadenza from Taiwan

“Family Fun, Nature, Challenge & Adventure”

Wow what an amazing 5 days of incredible non stop activity. We are a family of 3, my husband and I and our 12 year old son. We chose to do the Family Green Camp and from the moment we arrived we were immersed in it. Our hosts and guides for the 5 day camp immediately made us feel like part of the family. Pinetree, Ferli and Kiky are inspiring young leaders who made this adventure so much fun. There was barely a moment of rest during the entire stay and not a chance for any child to say “I’m bored”. The traps of technology were the furtherest things from our thoughts, at the end of the day we were too tired to do anything but sleep! From a traditional blessing at the local temple, making Canang offerings, kite making, organic gardening, laughing yoga (so much fun), bamboo raft building and sailing on the Subak, tubing and swimming in the Ayung river! We did many other things during our 10 day stay in Bali and when you ask our son what his favourite thing was he will say Green Camp. I’d say it was ours too. 100% recommended to any family wishing to experience a different side to Bali.

Jillian C from Australia

“The real experience!”

I had yoga for kids teacher training at Green Camp for 2 weeks and i have to say this is the best one of all the past training! This is because the environment we are spending all day is the most appropriated ever. We have so much fun with permaculture and gardening classes, yoga in the mud, river adventure, evening gathering by the fire, resting in amazing jungle surrounding, eating organic food every day. We all very happy and grateful for this amazing experience.

Beta Lisboa from Portugal

“Five star camp without a doubt”

This was a wonderful experience on so many levels and I would highly recommend any family taking their children. There was barely a minute to spare so no risk of anyone getting bored, however as in traditional Balinese life nor was anything rushed. Green Camp offers a well balanced program to challenge parents and children alike, whilst sharing their knowledge on sustainable eco living. Five star camp without a doubt. Do yourselves and the environment a favour and take your family to Green Camp! If every family takes one eco change home with them then slowly but surely our countries, states and cities will begin the positive change to a cleaner, safer and sustainable way of life.

adultandtroops from Australia

“Our recent trip to Bali”

Have heard so much about Green Camp that this year we decided to visit with kids. It was a unique experience. The setting and structures all made out of bamboo was amazing. It was so great being close to nature and the staff were so helpful, informative and professional. We, together with our kids learned how to be more environmentally conscience and also learned about the different flora and fauna of Bali. We will be forever grateful for this opportunity. Thanks so much Green Camp!

FarrMicallefTrigona from Malta


I was shocked and remain in awe of the beauty of Green Camp. The bamboo structures, the setting, the people, the programs, the adventures and all the experiences that we went through have truly and deeply impacted my life. I was hesitant to go at first, because all I wanted to do in Bali was surf and relax. But my wife signed us up for a weekend adventure and I personally was very pleased with the whole experience, needless to say that our son had a blast as well.

Thank you very much Green Camp. I’m in your gratitude!!!!

edo z from Australia

“The hardest part was going home”

After 2 years and a half going to Green School I thought: what am I going to do in this Green Camp? Well, what a nice surprise. It was just amazing, the staff so nice and passion about, all them inspiring us (my boy Tiago, 9, Luisa, 1 me and Carol, my wife). All the activities, the food…no comment….special thanks for Henrique and Ratna….oh my god, you guys are awesome….BTW, there was just one hard part: go home. I wish I could stay longer.

Eduardo Petta from Brasil

“Astonishing – life long memories”

We have learned through friends who live in bali about Green School, and found out that they do camps as well. Coming all the way from Austria I have to say it was worth every second. Our son Julien, 9, enjoyed it so much and made friends in just 3 days (of course we did take some more time off and made a great family vacation out of it.) and everything he learned, saw, experienced filled him with new ideas and opened his mind to a new world, different culture, new ways of thinking about the world and the issues going on in it , which eventually he will have to face. For us parents it also gave us lots to think about and I am sure these days will have a lifelong impact on us. There are lots of international kids, teachers and volunteers, the program was perfectly organized and very safe. The yurts was just amazing to be so close to nature, and for we had some romantic couple days. They are very very helpful with arrangements and any help/ infos you need to organize a trip there. I wish it was closer and that there were more schools / camps like that around the world! Sure to go there again!

tigaPerchtoldsdorf from Austria