Bali Summer Camp Journeys

We are excited to announce our extraordinary signature youth summer camp for the 2018 season.  Join youth from around the world exploring Indonesia through a lens of sustainability, adventure, and fun.  Whether you come for one, two, or three consecutive weeks, this will be a transformative journey of a lifetime.  

Compass Youth Leadership Camp (CYC): Championing Sustainability

Compass Youth Leadership Camp (CYC) is a dynamic summer camp designed and facilitated by our Compass Youth Leaders. In our hyperconnected, media-frenzied world, there is no shortage of worthy global challenges to tackle. With so many possibilities, how though can you find the one that matters to you most? This dynamic and hands-on five-day camp will help you:
• think deeply about the global issues you care about; and
• become a better advocate and actor to address your issue.

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Youth Bamboo Building and Design Camp

Spend five days in one of the most inspiring bamboo environments in the world learning from our expert facilitators how to build and design with one of the most sustainable, dynamic, and beautiful materials, bamboo. Join youth from around the globe for our fun-filled camp during which we will immerse ourselves in all things bamboo.  Activities include, but are not limited to: Building bamboo rafts and floating down the river, exploring a bamboo forest and sustainably harvesting our own materials, designing and building a bamboo bike, a dome and other structures, building our own bamboo tent, learning about Green School and Green Camp’s bamboo building design process and even cooking and eating bamboo.  

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Youth Permaculture Camp

Let’s heal the planet, one garden at a time!  The United Nations recently released a report stating that the only way to feed the entire world is through small farms and agro-ecology.  Come become a part of the youth permaculture revolution.  Join us in a 5-day camp that will give you the skills and knowledge to design and create your own permaculture project in your home, school or community.  Bring together nature awareness, earth sciences, human intelligence and creativity. Learn the ins-and-outs of growing food for yourself and for your community while enjoying Bali, Green Camp’s outdoor adventure, and having tons of fun with other youth from around the world.

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Bali Outdoor Experience

There is no better way for youth to explore Bali and learn about sustainability than through our exhilarating Outdoor Adventure camp.  No other Bali Youth experience offers surfing, conservation, soaring and climbing through mountain treetops, building your own bamboo raft to ride down the river, cooking for and dining with a local royal family and much, much more.  Make friends from around the world during this 5 days of adventure that will open your eyes and lift your spirits.

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Conservation and Community Exploration

Begin your adventure at Green Camp, mastering sustainability tools and survival skills that will guide you on our journey. For those passionate about giving back more that you use and take, this camp offers the opportunity to earn up to 20 hours of community service while immersing yourselves in rich and diverse Balinese ecosystems and culture. Spend your nights staying in traditional family compounds and your days participating in transformative explorations, meaningful service projects, and impactful animal conservation efforts. You will have the opportunity to snorkel in one of the most pristine and dynamic coral reefs on the planet at Menjangan island, with an aim to inspire your future ocean conservation efforts in this critical moment on planet Earth.

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Four Islands

Begin your adventure at Green Camp, mastering sustainability tools and survival skills that will guide you on your journey. How often do you get the opportunity to explore 4 unique islands in one week? By immersing yourself in the diversity of Indonesia’s incredible archipelago while using Green Camp’s lens of sustainability to unpack the fragile nature of our island paradise, you will be forever transformed. Snorkeling, exploring mangroves in kayaks, staying in local family homestays, and boating from one magical island to another, join youth from around the world on this unique and meaningful adventure.

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Chasing Waterfalls

What other extraordinary tropical adventures could you possibly go for this summer other than chasing unspoiled waterfalls around the island of Bali?

Sharing your journey with youth from around the world starts in a unique learning environment next to the greenest school in the world! Trekking through lush exotic jungles, learning about the importance of watersheds on the island, water meditation, cycling through undiscovered routes, experiencing Balinese living with local families and witnessing how we can unfold nature and it’s magical means to us through Green camp’s sustainability lens. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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